UNI- is an international skincare brand that applies scientifically advanced and natural ingredients of highest quality in its range of products. Inviting users to rediscover the original wonder of healing, energising, and restoration, through nature and its awe-inspiring ingredients, where the miraculous self-repairing functions of the body, especially the skin, is harnessed, to create the optimal conditions and environment for skin to perform and look its best.

UNI- Combining cutting edge state-of-the-art skincare ingredients with a philosophy of ‘no-fuss’ simplicity, UNI- represents the apex of scientific research, ground-breaking ingredients from nature, and passionate commitment towards its users.

The brand name UNI- symbolises the universe where we draw our inspiration and ingredients from. It is also ‘universal’, as many of the products can be used by anyone and everyone. It also comes to mean ‘unique’ as it has truly no equal in terms of efficacy. Likewise, the mandarin name is referenced from the phonetics of the english name, ‘you-ni’ and ‘yǒu nǐ’. It represents the brand’s desire to place the needs of its customers first.

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