Visibiliti was founded with a mission; to educate and empower brands with accurate knowledge, so as to run digital marketing campaigns that produce high returns.

The concept behind the identity of Visibiliti is derived from the meaning of being visible. With about a quarter of the logo being a lighter tone of colour, and slightly hidden, playing on the negative space, to bring the idea of the vision of the agency being transparent, with a clear vision ahead.

The logo is a word play on being visible. The negative space created, is subconsciously completed by our naked eye. To assist in keeping the logo complete, a lighter shade a colour used on the bottom half.  It is a combination of three quarters of the brandname being in a dark shade of grey, merged into with a quarter of the bottom of the brandname in a lighter shade of grey. The I at the end of the brandmark, creates a subtle emphasis on the type of range of services Visibiliti is offering.

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